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Central University Services

Jenny, Beat Rudolf. (1971) Sebastian Münster und Graubünden : hat Münster 1547 den Augsburger Reichstag oder Bischof Lucius Iter bzw. den bischöflichen Hof in Chur besucht? Bündner Monatsblatt, 1971, Nr. 3/4. S. 41-77.

Faculty of Science

Keller, W. and Goor, R.. (1971) Mammalian RNA polymerase : structural and functional properties. In: Transcription of genetic material. Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.), S. 671-680.

Krahe, P. and Hofbauer, K. G. and Gross, F.. (1971) Effects of angiotensin infusion on the isolated rabbit kidney. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Vol. 137, H. 4. S. 1324-1327.

Langenbe. U., and Rudiger, H. W. and Schulzes. M., and Keller, W. and Brackert. D., and Goedde, H. W.. (1971) Evaluation of a heterozygote test for maple syrup urine disease in leukocytes and cultured fibroblasts. Humangenetik, Vol. 11. S. 304-315.

Laurent, J. P. and Cornelis, G.. (1971) Le facteur antipérinucléaire. Louvain Médical, Vol. 90. S. 487-489.

Seelig, J.. (1971) On the flexibility of hydrocarbon chains in lipid bilayers. Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 93, H. 20. S. 5017-5022.

Seelig, J. and Hasselbach, W.. (1971) A spin label study of sarcoplasmic vesicles. European journal of biochemistry, Vol. 21, H. 1. S. 17-21.

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