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Rojas-Rueda, David and de Nazelle, Audrey and Andersen, Zorana J. and Braun-Fahrländer, Charlotte and Bruha, Jan and Bruhova-Foltynova, Hana and Desqueyroux, Hélène and Praznoczy, Corinne and Ragettli, Martina S. and Tainio, Marko and Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark J.. (2016) Health impacts of active transportation in Europe. PLoS one, 11 (3). e0149990.


Stafoggia, Massimo and Cesaroni, Giulia and Peters, Annette and Andersen, Zorana J. and Badaloni, Chiara and Beelen, Rob and Caracciolo, Barbara and Cyrys, Josef and de Faire, Ulf and de Hoogh, Kees and Eriksen, Kirsten T. and Fratiglioni, Laura and Galassi, Claudia and Gigante, Bruna and Havulinna, Aki S. and Hennig, Frauke and Hilding, Agneta and Hoek, Gerard and Hoffmann, Barbara and Houthuijs, Danny and Korek, Michal and Lanki, Timo and Leander, Karin and Magnusson, Patrik K. and Meisinger, Christa and Migliore, Enrica and Overvad, Kim and Ostenson, Claes-Göran and Pedersen, Nancy L. and Pekkanen, Juha and Penell, Johanna and Pershagen, Goran and Pundt, Noreen and Pyko, Andrei and Raaschou-Nielsen, Ole and Ranzi, Andrea and Ricceri, Fulvio and Sacerdote, Carlotta and Swart, Wim J. R. and Turunen, Anu W. and Vineis, Paolo and Weimar, Christian and Weinmayr, Gudrun and Wolf, Kathrin and Brunekreef, Bert and Forastiere, Francesco. (2014) Long-term exposure to ambient air pollution and incidence of cerebrovascular events : results from 11 European cohorts within the ESCAPE project. Environmental health perspectives : journal of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Vol. 122, H. 9. S. 919-925.


Raaschou-Nielsen, Ole and Andersen, Zorana J. and Beelen, Rob and Samoli, Evangelia and Stafoggia, Massimo and Weinmayr, Gudrun and Hoffmann, Barbara and Fischer, Paul and Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark J. and Brunekreef, Bert and Xun, Wei W. and Katsouyanni, Klea and Dimakopoulou, Konstantina and Sommar, Johan and Forsberg, Bertil and Modig, Lars and Oudin, Anna and Oftedal, Bente and Schwarze, Per E. and Nafstad, Per and De Faire, Ulf and Pedersen, Nancy L. and Ostenson, Claes-Göran and Fratiglioni, Laura and Penell, Johanna and Korek, Michal and Pershagen, Göran and Eriksen, Kirsten T. and Sørensen, Mette and Tjønneland, Anne and Ellermann, Thomas and Eeftens, Marloes and Peeters, Petra H. and Meliefste, Kees and Wang, Meng and Bueno-de-Mesquita, Bas and Key, Timothy J. and de Hoogh, Kees and Concin, Hans and Nagel, Gabriele and Vilier, Alice and Grioni, Sara and Krogh, Vittorio and Tsai, Ming-Yi and Ricceri, Fulvio and Sacerdote, Carlotta and Galassi, Claudia and Migliore, Enrica and Ranzi, Andrea and Cesaroni, Giulia and Badaloni, Chiara and Forastiere, Francesco and Tamayo, Ibon and Amiano, Pilar and Dorronsoro, Miren and Trichopoulou, Antonia and Bamia, Christina and Vineis, Paolo and Hoek, Gerard. (2013) Air pollution and lung cancer incidence in 17 European cohorts : prospective analyses from the European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects (ESCAPE). The Lancet oncology, Vol. 14, H. 9. S. 813-822.

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