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Kounov, Alexandre and Wüthrich, Eliane and Seward, Diane and Burg, Jean-Pierre and Stockli, Daniel. (2015) Low-temperature constraints on the Cenozoic thermal evolution of the Southern Rhodope Core Complex (Northern Greece). International journal of earth sciences, Vol. 104, H. 5. S. 1337-1352.


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Gerdjikov, I. and Lazarova, A. and Balkanska, E. and Bonev, K. and Vangelov, D. and Dimov, D. and Kounov, A.. (2010) A new model for the pre-Permian basement of the Central Stara Planina Mountain. Comptes rendus de l'Académie bulgare des Sciences. - Sofia, 63,8. S. 1169-1176.


Madritsch, Herfried and Kounov, Alexandre and Schmid, Stefan M. and Fabbri, Olivier. (2009) Multiple fault reactivation within the intra-continental Rhine-Bresse Transfer Zone (La Serre Horst, eastern France). Tectonophysics, Vol. 471. S. 297-318.

Ustaszewski, Kamil and Schmid, Stefan Martin and Lugovic, B. and Schuster, and Schaltegger, U. and Bernoulli, Daniel and Hottinger, Lukas and Kounov, Alexandre and Fügenschuh, Bernhard and Schefer, Senecio. (2009) Late cretaceous intra-oceanic magmatism in the internal Dinarides (northern Bosnia and Herzegovina) : implications for the collision of the Adriatic and European plates. Lithos, Vol. 108. S. 106-125.

Kounov, A. and Viola, G. and de Wit, M. J. and Andreoli, M.. (2009) Denudation along the Atlantic passive margin : new insights from apatite fission-track analysis on the western coast of South Africa. Geological Society special publication, no. 324. S. 287-306.


Kounov, A. and Viola, G. and de Wit, M. J. and Andreoli, M.. (2008) A mid Cretaceous paleo-Karoo River valley across the Knersvlakte plain (northwestern coast of South Africa) : evidence from apatite fission-track analysis. South African journal of geology, Vol. 111, H. 4. S. 409-420.


Kounov, A. and Niedermann, S. and de Wit, M. J. and Viola, G. and Andreoli, M. and Erzinger, J.. (2007) Present denudation rates at selected sections of the South Afircan escarpment and the elevated continental interior based on cosmogenic 3He and 21Ne. South African journal of geology, Vol. 110. S. 235-248.


Schlunegger, F. and Zeilinger, G. and Kounov, A. and Kober, F. and Husser, B.. (2006) Scale of relief growth in the forearc of the Andes of Northern Chile (Arica latitude, 18 degrees S). Terra nova, Vol. 18, no. 3. S. 217-223.


Kounov, A. and Seward, D. and Bernoulli, D. and Burg, J. P. and Ivanov, Z.. (2004) Thermotectonic evolution of an extensional dome : the cenozoic Osogovo-Lisets core complex (Kraishte zone, western Bulgaria). International journal of earth sciences, Vol. 93, S. 1008-1024, Ill..


Ivanov, Z. and Gerdjikov, I. and Kounov, A.. (2001) New data and considerations about the structure and tectonic evolution of the Sakar region, Southeast Bulgaria. Godišnik na Sofijskija universitet "Kliment Ochridski", Vol. 91, H. 1. S. 35-80.